Cake Shop Bakery Chef Story Game Unity Source Code Free

Cake Shop Bakery Chef Story Game Unity Source Code Free

Cake Shop Bakery Chef is a complete source code game In which you will get many features and systems that will help you a lot in your game development journey. If you talk about the features of this game. This game has around 60 levels each level is much more unique than the others every level has its own requirements which the player needs to complete in order to progress in the game. This game is a really fun game for those who are enthusiastic about being a chef in the future or becoming an expert cake maker in the future this game is just perfect for those.

Now talking about the game this game has also a rating system as well. This rating system is very famous in games mostly in the Unity games basically if you want to promote your game on a very large scale without spending a penny then it is a very easy way to do that. You just have to integrate the rating system in your game and that will do a lot of work for you basically this system will recommend your other games or the same game to the user of the Cake Shop Bakery Chef game to just check out your other games and in this way your other games will be promoted for free.

This game is just full of crazy stuff like a decoration system you can decorate everything in the game by yourself by purchasing the elements from the shop now the elements are paid which means that users have to pay you in order to buy those stuff. Those stuffs are really cool and really amazing which makes the game more fun.

This game has also a really cool system of repairing which means that if something is broken the user has to repair that which makes the game realistic and more fun by fixing those things. It will give you the real feel of the kitchen and making cakes. Cakes are available in different shapes and designs and users have to make them like that in order to process them in the game.

This cake shop game is completely made in Unity the complete source code of this game is completely free and you can get this game from this website for free. Most people want the source code of this game for educational purposes only just to know how the system works in this game. A lot of systems are integrated which will allow will help you a lot in your future projects like the cooking system and the cake-making system. Cake making system is really hard to integrate because beginners really don't know how to integrate the decoration system in the game and you are lucky because the same system is integrated into this game so you will get the complete source code and in that source code you will learn how to implement the same system in your future projects.

Cake Shop Bakery Chef Story Game Features

  • This game has about 60+ unique levels
  • This game is fun and exciting to play
  • This game has a unique crafting system
  • This game has a making system which will help you a lot
  • Cake Shop Bakery Chef's complete source code is available
  • This game is made in Unity's latest version
  • the decoration elements include cake decorations, shop decorations, and other types of many decorations that will engage the player for a long time
  • The rating system is also integrated so you can get a lot of ratings on your app store and Play Store

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