Color Zigzag Unity Source Code

Color Zigzag Unity Source Code

If you're looking for a way to pass the time or help your game development, Color Zigzag is the perfect solution. This creative game has some great features, like the ball moving along a zigzag path and the player matching the color to progress. It's a great way to kill time for all age groups and is incredibly simple to play. Plus, it's a great way to help you build a game like an endless runner or a hyper-casual game. Try it out today!

The game Color Zigzag has been created using Unity, the most popular engine, and has a visually appealing user interface, making it even more engaging. It has many features, which can be beneficial to those who are just starting out. The project is well-structured and written in neat C# code. Additionally, it is possible to make money from this game through advertising from major companies, such as Unity Ads and Admob Ads, whose APIs are integrated into it.

It's an endless color-matching game. Players have to match the colors to pass the missions or barriers. It's a hyper-casual game that is nowadays really famous for quick action and entertainment.

This game is developed in one of the most famous game engines Unity. The latest version of Unity is used in this game. This color-changing game has a lot of features that might help you in the technique of matching color obstacles. The endless running algorithm etc. This game has an auto level generating system so it means that you don't have to update it every time for new levels you can the system will automatically generate unique levels every time.

You might be wondering how it can be possible that a game can generate levels on its own. Let me explain that to you. If you are a newbie and don't know anything about programming then this can be a little hard for you to understand those features but if you are an advanced programmer then let me tell you how we did that. So Unity assets store has a lot of free assets and there you can find free Unity levels generating systems. So just download that Unity assets for free then integrate it into your game easily.

Now if you go deeper into this game you will find out that it still has a lot of things that you are searching for like the level-generating system and other features like a smooth color-matching system. You can also learn a lot from the UJI and UX of this game. The UI and UX of this game are so minimalist that every group of people likes it.

The source code of Color Zigzag is completely free and easy to use. The documentation of this game is well-categorized and the code is well-commented so you don't have to work a lot to understand the code of this game.

The sounds and Fx of this game are also really catchy and attractive which engine users for a lot of fo time. The sound which is used in this game is free so don't worry about the copyright issues as well.

Color Zigzag Features

  • The first feature of this game which is my favorite is the level-generating system.
  • This game is supported by the latest version of Unity
  • The advertisement APIs are also integrated into the Color Zigzag game
  • This game has also a color matching system as well
  • The game is full of excitement and quick gameplay makes it more fun

Advertisement Companies

you can advertise this game with Unity and Admob Ads


So if you want a game that satisfies everything that you need in an endless running game then check out this source code you might get a lot of value from this source code and you can also use this source code in your future projects