Cook Up! Yummy Kitchen Cooking Game Unity Source Code

Cook Up! Yummy Kitchen Cooking Game Unity Source Code

In the gaming world, the Cooking games are the best and they perform really well in the market as well. If we talk about the attractiveness of games most people get attracted to cooking games. Now the reason behind this is not really known but they perform really well. Cook Up! Yummy Kitchen Cooking Game is made in unity with complete source code. You can get the complete source code for free. Now if we talk about the features of this game. This game has a lot of great features like a cooking mechanism etc. This game has really smooth visuals which attract users. If we go into details of this game this game has around 50+ missions which are really good.

If we talk about the missions of this game. They get harder with the progress of a player. Every mission is unique from each other with different challenges. The cooking system of this game is out of this world this is the best feature of this game. The cooking system is the feature that makes this game unique from other games. This game is for those people who are enthusiastic about becoming professional chefs in the future. This game is made in a way that the user can feel the cooking process. Cooking is a hard profession and everyone wants to feel it once in their life and most people want to become chefs in the future this game is for those types of people.

This game has the best smooth rating system which attracts the user to your game profile. This game is well made in Unity's latest version with clean code. If you want to learn the cooking mechanism for your future project then this game can help you a lot in the future because this game has every cooking feature that you might need in the future.

If we talk about how to monetize this game then you will be surprised that in this game Unity ads and AdMob ads are integrated so you can easily monetize your game.

Generally, if we talk about the games the reward system is very famous which keeps the user engaged and they come daily to the game to collect their reward well this game has the feature of a reward system as well. This feature will attract the user for a longer time and force them to daily come to their game to collect their reward.

Every system in this game I unique in its own way whether it's a cooking system or the rating system. If we talk about the in-app purchases which increase your earning chance that system is also included in this game. This shop system from where a user can buy digital goods is also integrated into this game. The shop system is a really complex system to develop but it will be really easy for you to integrate the shop system into your feature projects because it's already available in the source code.

Cook Up! Yummy Kitchen Cooking Game Features

  • Cooking games are fun to play what if you get a game source code of a cooking game with a realistic feel? Here you will get the complete unity project of a cooking game for free
  • Unity Ads and an in-app purchases system are integrated into this game which will help you a lot
  • The daily reward system is also integrated into this game
  • This game has a very smooth UI and UX with great gameplay so you are not going to get bored.
  • Admob Ads are also integrated so if you are a fan of Google Admob ads then you get that feature as well

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unity and Admob are integrated into this game