Crazy Traffic Racing (Ready to Launch) Source Code

Crazy Traffic Racing (Ready to Launch) Source Code

This 3D racing game offers a thrilling experience where users have to race against the clock and dodge traffic and obstacles to reach their destination in the shortest time possible. Players can upgrade their cars in order to make them faster and more powerful, and they can also customize them with spoilers, carbon holds, and other features. This game will keep users engaged with its exciting missions and challenging levels. In Crazy Traffic Racing, you'll be racing against the clock to reach the finish line while avoiding traffic and obstacles. You'll also be able to upgrade and customize your cars with spoilers, carbon holds, and other features. With its thrilling levels and exciting missions, you'll never be bored with this 3D racing game!

Crazy Traffic Racing (Ready to Launch) is a fun unity project based on a racing game, much like other successful titles on the Play Store. It is designed for educational purposes and is the perfect way to learn how to make a racing game. AI systems for other cars and a perfect car handling system make this project highly entertaining!

If you are a fan of racing games then this game going to be really good for you nowadays people really like racing games everyone wants a good racing game and if you become one of them then it will be really beneficial for you because this game got everything which you need in a racing game like the physics of the car, the waypoints, AI of cars, and everything which you need in a basic racing game. The source code of this game is available for free. The best thing about this game is that this game is developed in one of the most used and famous game engines called Unity. Now Unity is famous for many types of games but it really provides value for racing games

The complex thing about this game is that most of the people are unable to develop AI for cars most of the time people mess up that part because it's really hard to develop an AI for racing cars but this game is a blessing for you because the AI is already implemented in this game the best part about this is that you can use the AI for your future project as well because you can use that AI very easily that AI is very easy to implement in every project you just have to grab that source code and put it into your future project and your AI is good to go. AI is also really important for more or less everything nowadays AI is everything so making a game that has really good AI will make you really good at programming you can learn a lot of things from that AI script, not only AI but if we talk about more this game have waypoint system as well so that the cars do not go off track for that there is a system we call it waypoints. The waypoints are really greatly integrated into this game and if you are a newbie and don't know anything about that don't worry you got it because everything just already implemented in that you just have to compile the game and throw it anywhere you want and that will work. If you want to learn it you can also do that just open the project and you will get all of the source code every feature is separately described in the document you can learn from that and easily release your own racing game

Crazy Traffic Racing (Ready to Launch) Features

  •  Crazy Traffic Racing (Ready to Launch) Has a really great garage system so you can integrate multiple cars into your game easily just by making its prefab and that's it you are good to go
  • This game have also customization system which most of racing car games have you can change the colors of the tire, colors of the car, you can change the tires, etc
  • The unity purchasing system is also integrated into this game so you don't have to worry about that. If you want to integrate the system of purchasing points or other rewards you can easily do that just put in your IDS and you are good to go.

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Unity and Admob heads are also integrated into this game