Gaps – Game Template Unity Source Code

Gaps – Game Template Unity Source Code

Are you up for the challenge of Gaps, a 3D arcade game? All you need to do is tap or click the screen to fire the ball through the barriers. Keep an eye on the gaps and find out how far you can get!

Gaps is a popular hyper-casual arcade game that has become increasingly popular in recent times. This game has outstanding features, UI, and UX, as well as a high-level touch system. It also has modern gameplay that appeals to both kids and girls. The game has a simplistic, minimalistic design combined with addictive gameplay. You must shoot the ball at the obstacles, then from the spinning obstacles shoot at the other obstacles. Its unique design is very attractive. There is an in-game scoring system as well. Developed on Unity, the code is also highly customizable. Thus, even if you are a novice in Unity, you can understand the code. Animations, documentation, materials, prefabs, scenes, and more are also included. The rating system of the game is quite beautiful, so you don't need to be a coding genius to complete the tasks.

This game has a lot of diversity in obstacles. Those obstacles change while playing the game. Those obstacles also change color when the ball hits it. This game is also very developer friendly and you can easily customize it. The scoring system is also integrated into this game. You will get everything that you need in a source code such as Animations of the ball, Different kinds of ball, a shop system, and everything which are necessary for a game.

The prefabs of this game are compressed professionally with a script so that mobile does not lag during the game. The optimization of this game is very good the game runs smoothly on almost every device. The scene management is also really good in this game. You can run this game on every platform like Android, IOS, Windows, etc.

The basic idea of this game is that the spin with really fast speed and the player has to throw it towards the next spinner where the speed of the ball will increase and the game will continue like this until the player makes a mistake and throws the ball in the wrong direction.

Gaps – The game Template has many levels that might engage players for a lot of time. every mission is interesting in its own way. like the colors of balls and objects and other stuff change with the mission which makes it more fun. Every mission gets more difficult with time as the player progresses in the game. Gaps – The game Template will get harder and harder and that is the beauty of this game.

Gaps – Game Template Features

  • Gaps – The game Template has a unique and simple design
  • This game is full of fun which makes it more addictive
  • This game also has a feature of scoring so if you are a game developer and want to understand the scoring concept then this game will be very beneficial for you
  • This game has super addictive levels, each level is more fun than the other.
  • The code of this game is well documented so you don't have to worry about how you will customize this game.
  • The ads are integrated into the game as well so you can easily monetize your game.

Advertisement Company

Unity and Admob ads are integrated into this game


So if you want a quick action fun addictive hyper casual game then try Gaps – Game Template out. This game provides every feature that might help you in your next project. This game's source code is very easy to understand.