Garden Design Games – Flower Decoration Unity Source Code

Garden Design Games – Flower Decoration Unity Source Code

So if you are searching for a game that helps you in gardening and everything then this is the perfect game for you. In this game, you will learn how to do gardening and everything. This is a really famous game which is made in Unity. This game is mainly made to teach people how to do gardening. People really garden and they want to pursue it virtually now how do you pursue it? This game will help to get the real feel of gardening. There are many games out there that teach you how to do gardening but there are a lot of things that are missing in those games. In this game, you will learn everything that you need to be a gardener.

This game has gardening features that will make you feel like you are playing it in real-time. If you are planning to get a game that gives you a real feel of a garden and you want the real feel of planting different plants then this game is for you. This game is completely based on plants and gardens. The mechanics of this game are really smooth if you use it. It will literally feel like a real game.

If you want a game with complete source code and which is made in unity then Garden Design Games – Flower Decoration game is for you. This game source code will teach you how to implement different kinds of mechanics like picking 2D objects and making smooth UI and UX.

This game has mini-games as well to engage the user for a longer time. Those mini-games consist of too many tasks the user should perform in order to proceed in the game.

The garbage collection game is so interesting in this game. That game also disciplines the user not to make garbage in public. The user has to collect garbage in the field of the garden and he has to clean it. After cleaning the garden the player will feel the real responsibility not to make the public places dirty. This game teaches ethics to players as well. This game is really fun with public service messages the player will enjoy the game as well

So if you are garden enthusiastic and want to feel it virtually then this game is for you get the source code now and enjoy the real feel of the game. This game source code is very easy to read as all the code is commented so customization is not a problem you can easily integrate your features into it.

If goes into details of this game. This game has features like a time limit and mini-mission most of the time newbies are stuck with the problem of how to make a game in the game. How to set up a mini-game they get confused here but in this source code, you will get this feature so that you can use it in your future projects.

Garden Design Games – Flower Decoration Features

  • This game has around 20 mini-games to engage players in different activities
  • Garden Design Games – Flower Decoration has really awesome UI and UX
  • There is an unlocking system in this game so you don’t have to do much stuff from your side
  • This game provides really user-friendly gameplay

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Admob and Unity ads are integrated into this game so you don’t need to do hard work or hire a freelancer to do the rest of the work You just need to put your APIs into it and you will be ready to go