Hand Doctor Hospital Games Unity Source Code

Hand Doctor Hospital Games Unity Source Code

Hand Doctor games is a hand surgery game for those people who want to become a doctor in the future. If you want to be a doctor in the future and want the realistic feel of it virtually then this game is for you this game provides a realistic feel of being a doctor. This is specially made for those kids who are enthusiastic about becoming a great surgeon in the future.

If we talk about Hand Doctor games this game has around more than 10+ characters every character is unique from each other in many ways. This game has around more than 50+ tasks for players to complete in order to proceed in this game. This game has unique characters and every character has its own problems and wounds and the player has to treat them very well.

The hand doctor game has a lot of mini-games that increase the beauty of the game like this game has a wound strips mini-game where the player has to put strips on the customer's wounds to treat his problem. Those strips work as a recovery agent and fix the issue of the customer. 

There is another mini-game as well which is more interesting than the previous one this one is an X-ray mini-game where the player has to find the broken part in the customer and fix that by using an X-ray machine. The x-ray machine will find the problem in the customer and will show the results to the player who has to decide which part needs to be replaced and fixed

There is also another mini-game in which the user has to clean the nails of the customer. The customer comes with very dirty nails and players have to clean them in order to proceed in the game. There are several ways in which users can clean the nails of the customer. Firstly by nailcutter, the user can clean the nails with nailcutter secondly with water the user can clean the wounds and other scars of the customer. 

The other mini-game is stitching the wounds of the customer. Most customer comes with broken hand or wounded hand then the player has to clean those wound and to make them right the player has to stitch those wounds to treat the customer. Mostly wounded hands are really hard to treat but in this game, the user who wants to become a doctor will learn how to treat the wounds of the patient and through all the mini-games in the game they will learn all the steps to treat the hand surgery. The game will give the complete real feel of the surgery which is why most people like about this game.

If we talk about the features of this game and about the gameplay of this game. This game has a really smooth UI and UX and gives the realistic feel of being a doctor and performing surgery. This game has the ultimate features of animations. The animation is controlled really well in this game which makes this even more better.

if you are a developer and want to learn the premium features of Unity like how to develop such animation with smooth mini-games then this game source code will help you a lot. YOu can become a beast with this source code in your field.

Hand Doctor Hospital Games Features

  • This game has more than 10 levels
  • This game has a leaser mini-game as well so people who are interested in this can enjoy this game as well
  • The player can proceed in this game by treating the patient
  • Every patient has a unique problem so the user will encounter different diseases and the user has to treat them all in order to proceed in the game

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