Highway Racer Unity Source Code

Highway Racer Unity Source Code

Highway Racer is an endless-running car game with realistic graphics. This is one of the most demanding games ever with great features and realistic graphics. This game outclasses many games in his category. This game is one of the finest games ever with great smooth gameplay.

This game has a lot of modes that make the game more fun and enjoyable. There are 3 main modes in the car where the user can change the driving perspective in 3 modes. The first mode is driving mode where the user can see the steering wheel and control his car. Most people like to play games in this mode because it gives the realistic feel of the car. The second mode is fps mode in this mode player can drive the car from the front view. In this mode, the player can only see the bonnet of the car, and the third mode is TPS mode which is the third-person perspective view where the user can see the environment as well as the whole car. Most people like this mode because they want to enjoy the whole view and the environment as well.

If we talk about racing modes then there are also 3 different racing modes in this game. This game is based on an endless running engine so the game will run endlessly until the player crashes the car. The 3 different modes are Traffic mode, Two-way mode, and Normal Mode.

Let's first talk about the normal mode. In normal mode, the traffic will be one-way so it means that the players have to dodge the single-lane traffic in the race.

The second mode is two-way traffic mode in this mode the traffic will be in two directions which means that the player has to dodge both lanes of traffic to race in the game

the last mode is time-limited mode. In this mode, the time will be limited for the player which means that the player has to complete in race before the time is over. If the time is over and the player hasn't completed the race then the mission will be considered failed while he completes the race in the given time then the mission will be considered completed.

If we go more into details of this game. This game has two other different modes as well. Those modes are day mode and night mode. The player can choose one of them and start his race. The night generates a good amount of money as compared to the day mode

This game has also 3 different maps which means that you will get three beautiful maps. Those maps will help you to keep the player engaged in the game. In those maps, one is related to deserts which means that the player has to race in the desert. One is a natural map which means that will get green mountains etc. in the game scene and the one is a night map in which the player has to race in the night

Highway Racer Unity Features

  • This game has around 3 different modes that include Driving mode, FPS mode, and TPS mode.
  • This game has 3 different maps
  • Highway Racer has really high-quality Garage system which is made in unity
  • This game has day and night modes as well
  • In this game, you can upgrade your car as well
  • There are 10 different cars as well
  • This game is made in unity with complete source code
  • You will get it with an in-app purchases system as well
  • Unity Ads are integrated into this game
  • This game has a color-changing system as well

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Unity Ads and Admob Ads are integrated into this game